Zombie Nation


Everybody loves zombies.  At least everybody loves to be scared by zombie movies, literature, or video games.  Isolation, helplessness, and fear drive this genre and over the years.  I have in the past several years developed an appreciation for it.

Recent movies such as the Dawn of the Dead remake and 28 Days Later with their lighting-fast zombies have revived my interest that has wained since I stopped playing Resident Evil games back in the day (I did not have the opportunity to play 4…yet).  In the past year or two I started to read a comic series called the The Walking Dead from Image Comics.  It takes the concepts laid out in the DotD movie and expands on them, it is the zombie movie that doesn’t end in a sense.  And do not be fooled by the fact it is a comic book, it is a very grity and intense experience, every bit as much as a motion picture.  I have recently also discovered the existance of a couple of books, The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z by Max Brooks, which I will be picking up later this week.

As I was thinking about my zombie books that it dawned on me that I forgot that I own one of the greatest zombie games of all time and for my 360, Dead Rising.  I will definatly have to put this game on my Side Quest list and soon.  Later this year we will also get our mits on what will be the new king in zombie-game-land, Left 4 Dead.  The term may be short as Resident Evil 5 will be out not long after that.  BRAINS!!!


-SGBaring teeth


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One Response to Zombie Nation

  1. Aaron says:

    The true ending is waiting for you…………………!

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