The Return of Team Fortress 2


The Orange Box has been out for a few months now but because it arrived in a flurry of other great games, plus there is so much to do on that disk, I have been slowly chipping away at it.  This week I have plunged myself back into Team Fortress 2.  TF2 is as unique to look at as it is unique to play.  When the Halo’s and Cal of Duty’s become to much, it is great to have a shooter that is much comedy as it is competitive.  If you have yet to play, or have not played in a while, go back and give it another spin.  It is a refreshing shooter experience.

On a related note, Shawn Elliot of GFW Radio/Magazine has made some videos of his ‘griefing’ stylings in TF2.  Listen to Ralphie get it on with his teammates!




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