Game(s) of the Year 2007: Part II

Well we have made it through to mid year, the rest of the way was quite congested with awesome titles, so without further delay here is what else rocked our gaming world:


Bioshock – This game is widley considered to be the game of the year, and for good reason.  Killer graphics, atmosphere, story, and gameplay knock this one out of the park.  Now there is not more that I can say about this title that hasn’t already been said but I would say if you have yet to play it, make sure you do.  And when you do play it, take your time and imurse yourself into the city of Rapture as it is a gaming experience like no other!


NHL 08 – Easily the best sports game of the year, NHL 08 recreates a sport on the screen better than has ever been done before.  EA poured so much goodness and expanded on the original title so much this year that it is hard to believe it was only a one year turnaround between games.  NHL 08 is so good you wonder what is left to do for a hockey game.  NHL 07 made a believer out of me and NHL 08 has left no doubt.  Congratulations to EA on a job well done!


Halo 3 – I think Halo 3 has received a little GotY backlash as it has not been hitting too many number ones, but by all means should be a No. 1 contender.  Lets see: 4 player co-op, Forge, Theatre w/ video editing and screenshots (like above), social and ranked matchmaking, insane stat tracking, etc.  Halo 3 is so feature rich and so slick it is hard to believe it is only $60.  Halo 3 will have legs that run through the 360 life cycle and beyond, and I believe the only people that can top Bungie, is Bungie!


Project Gotham Racing 4 – Likely the last PGR but is the best PGR.  For me this game is the most accesable racer.  Bizzarre Creations loaded the game for of features like daily tournys, team and single player matchmaking, Arcade and career modes and on and on.  While PGR will likely recieve little love when the year end votes are tallied, for me this game is great and is deserving of great accolades and sales.  I will be enjoying this game well in to 2008 and beyond.

Well that is all for Part II, stay tuned for the final 4 of the year, which coincidently all were very strong contenders for GotY in their own right.




I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social here I am!
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3 Responses to Game(s) of the Year 2007: Part II

  1. Aaron says:


  2. Sean R. says:

    NHL 08 is quite awesome and one of the best sports games ever IMO.  I love it and it plays so well online. 

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