Game(s) of the Year 2007: Part I

I don’t think there has been a year like this where there were so many games I enjoyed to the hilt!  Instead of picking a single GotY or best in a particular genre, I am going to look at the year from start to finish and pick my favorites from 2007.  Here they are in chronological order:


Crackdown – Was far more than a Halo 3 beta gateway, it was a sandbox game like no other.  Alone or in co-op mode you could drive, shoot, and fight your way across the massive city!  And what is more satisfying than hunting down orbs?  One of my highlights of this year was finding the 500th Agility Orb!  Because it arrived early this year it will be overlooked year end, but don’t forget about Crackdown, a GotY in its own right.


GRAW 2 – This game blew me away with its awesome graphics and super tight squad game play.  Definatly my favorite military single player experience of the year.  I had a lot of fun in Multiplayer as well, the game also boasts a seperate co-op story that runs parallel to the main storyline.  The game lets you choose on focusing on yourself, your squad (including vehicles) or a balance of the two.  How did you play?


Forza Motorsport 2 – A gearhead’s dream.  Tons of vehicles, tracks, editing options, etc.  There is literaly no end to things you can do in this game!  Xbox 360’s top sim racer supports a very strong community of artists, drivers, and tuners.  DLC continues to expand on a game already bursting with content.


The Darkness – I expected a lot from the makers of The Cronicals of Riddick: EFBB and I was not disapointed.  While being one of the darkest and violent game I ever played it was also one of the most compelling.  More story than shooter, The Darkness delivers an experience like no other game did this year.  I am glad I took the chance this summer and played this game.  A warning, make sure your children are in bed when playing this game, definatly adults only!

That is all for part 1, taking us through the first half of the year.  Next we will look at the killer Fall line up, stay tuned!




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1 Response to Game(s) of the Year 2007: Part I

  1. Sean R. says:

    Although I haven’t played Forza 2, I think your list so far is spot on.  Those are all games I enjoyed this year, especially Crackdown….until the ending.  I thought it was a little hokey. 

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