The Devil You Know…


If you have been a reader of the ‘Haunted House’ for a long time you will know that my mantra here has been "All Xbox, All the time!", but for several reasons I have decided to experiment outside my comfort zone with the Xbox’s older cousin, PC.


When I started to hear about Hellgate: London over the last year I was really interested in that game.  From my days as a Phantasy Star Online addict I still crave the loot drop/hack-n-slash formula.  Because my PC is ass and because the people behind Hellgate made Diablo II, I thought that this game would be a great entry point into PC gaming (which I have never really considered as an option being console-centric).  So now I am dabbling in the PC gaming world.  I am curious to see how this  and this experience will play out for me.  360 will always be number one, but sometimes it is nice to have a little side diversion.  If you have played this game before, comment on your thoughts as I would be interested in hearing them.




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2 Responses to The Devil You Know…

  1. Yulia says:

    loved diablo too, hellgate: london is tons of fun for games for windows. shame theres no 360 port (yet) but sumthing tells me it will be out consoles next year. as for pc gaming its a real pain setuping, updateing, and just the amount of time that has to go into getting the game to run…. at least with a decent fps….but it’s worth it at the end. :) if your getting a new pc, check out this video from xplay.

  2. Aaron says:

    I see this being an issue already……….another one bites the dust, next we will be reading about World of Warcraft

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