Call of Duty 4: The Halo Migration…


…of knucle-dragging, mouth breathing, troglodytes have made there way into the land of Call of Duty 4!  Now I guess I should explain myself.  Back when I started playing Halo 2 there was a groundswell of idiot, trash-talking, Rank-whores that infested the game.  Couple that with the rampant cheating and playing Halo 2 online was ruined for me.  Fast forward to Halo 3 and I can honestly say that the overall experience has been quite pleasing.  The community in the games I have played has been well behaved, no cheating, and rank-whoring has not been too much in my face.  I also think the improved balance has made for a greater overall experience.

Enter Call of Duty 4.  An amazing FPS, it makes you want to play and offers gamers nearly as much as its nearest competitor, Halo 3, for mindshare in the 360 FPS space.  But so far I have been dissapointed in the remergence of the dinks that have crawled back out from under their rocks.  Fortunatly the balence in CoD4 is great, I just don’t need to hear everybody saying ‘rape’, or ‘noob’, f*g this, blah, blah, blah.  I guess I should’t complain so much, but being an ‘old’ gamer (34) I feel that I can do without it.

Final word though is Call of Duty 4 is great!  Pick it up and mute your opponents! (By any means necessary!)




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2 Responses to Call of Duty 4: The Halo Migration…

  1. Yulia says:

    COD4 > Halo 3. as for the trash talkers on xbl i just mute em 😉 btw.. how is that star wars lego: tcs? l8ter!

  2. Aaron says:

    in a world were Torment HATES playing with random Jabroniees I havent found COD4 to be to bad yet

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