360 X-Press: Live is 5ive and Xbox Originals


Has it been five years already?  From the beta test to NFL 2K3, Phantasy Star Online to Project Gotham Racing 2, Halo 2 to Dead or Alive Online, to its ultimate evolution thus far on the 360.  Live has been my number one entertainment source since 2002, killing TV, comics, and movies.  I do know that the best is yet to come and I will be theee every step of the way.  Lets celebrate, so what the MS have in store:

  • Game with Fame: Lots of developers, playing lots of games with you on Xbox Live
  • Play and Win: Pre-register to win oodles and oodles of Xbox 360 goodies.
  • All-Nighter: You’ve been summoned to play old school Wolfenstein until you pass out. (Looking forward to TormentX ordering us all to buy again!)
  • FREE Carcassonne! It’s your birthday gift. (Cru can now join in on the fun)
  • FREE Microsoft points! 500 points if you’re an ’02 alum. (like myself)
  • Frag Doll Friday: Play GRAW with the dolls.



    Often rumoured, but now confirmed.  Xbox Originals over Live will allow you to download original Xbox titles over the Marketplace starting this December.  There is nothing wrong with more content, and Xbox has a tonne of great titles that could make it onto this service.  Will they have achievements?  I wonder…


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    I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social Media....so here I am!
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    2 Responses to 360 X-Press: Live is 5ive and Xbox Originals

    1. Aaron says:

      It takes a big man to own up to his mistakes……. try it

    2. SCHUEY F1 says:

      No achievements unforunately. I would like to try Pshyconauts though.

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