Saying “I Do”


(Had to get a little more milage out of this pic) I would like to announce that my co-Minor Celebrity, TormentX, is now contributing to the Merry…er…The Married Gamers blog/news site.  This is the perfect gig for Torment being the married gamer that he is.  Every night before bed he kisses his 360 and turns off his wife!  I will look forward to reading his ramblings!

-SGTongue out


I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social here I am!
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4 Responses to Saying “I Do”

  1. Aaron says:

    Im calling my Lawyer

  2. Aaron says:

    oh yeah thanks for the plug

  3. SCHUEY F1 says:

    Most overused pic in blogging history, lol

  4. Yulia says:

    this pic is epic. lawlipops!

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