Gears of War: Good Times


Funny thing, all the fun I have had playing Halo 3 the past few weeks has also created an urge to play Gears of War as well.  I had not played GoW for months, I had all but compleatly given up on it in favor of the new crop of games that had headed my way.

Last night on a whim I decided on a whim to rejoin my friends in some Gears Mutiplayer, and to my surprise I had a real blast playing the game!  It was just a little part of the shakeup that I need to help climb my way out of my game funk.  While I won’t go back every night, I will definatly drop back into some Gears from time to time for a lil’ chainsaw action!

-SGTongue out



I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social here I am!
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