Achievement Spotlight: Madden 08


14 Achievements


Yesterday I went on an achevement hunt with Madden 08.  I am thinking about trading it in as I don’t see it getting much playtime anymore, plus I have All-Pro in backup (see future Sporto Reporto).  So I spent the balence of the afternoon playing 1 game of Madden with 15min quarters.  Here are the results:

  • 3 2pt Conversions Rushing – Rush for three 2 point conversions in one game
  • 3 2pt Conversions Passing – Pass for three 2 point conversions in one game
  • 100 Rush Yards with Two Players – Get 100 rushing yards with two players
  • 250 Rush Yards – Rush for 250 yards with one player in one game
  • 150 Rush Yards in One Qtr – Get 150 yards or more rushing in one quarter with one player
  • 200 Rush Yards – Rush for 200 yards or more with one player in one game
  • 10 Catches with One Player – Get 10 receptions with One Player
  • 100 Rec Yards with 2 Players – Get 100 reception yards by two players
  • Complete 25 Passes – Complete 25 passes in one game
  • 80 Percent Pass Completion – Complete 80 percent of the attempted passes in one game
  • 500 Pass Yards – Pass for 500 yards in one game
  • 7 Sacks with One Player – Sack the Quarterback 7 times with one player in one game
  • Intercept 5 Passes – Intercept 5 total passes in one game
  • 50 Yard Field Goal – Kick a 50 yard or more field goal

Not bad for an afternoons work.  Maybe w/ this trade-in, Call of Duty 4 could be in my future.




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  1. Aaron says:

    Personal Foul………

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