360 X-Press: Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian Nationals and for my international friends…Happy Monday!  Yeah, I know my posts have ben few and far between, but considering all the gaming that is and will be available this year and beyond, it is amazing that anything will be done!  Now I have covered a lot of the bases with previous posts, so what is there left to discuss:


With a new Project Gotham on the shelves, it seems most (in particular media types) are more excited that there is a new Geo-Wars in town.  Geometry Wars: Waves is at its heart a Geometry Wars game as we know it but with some unique twists:

  • One Life to Live – You only have one life, once you lose it, game over!
  • No ‘Smart’ Bombs – In a panic, shoot your way out, no ‘all-destoying’ bombs to bail you out this time.
  • Wave After Wave – Waves of enemies refresh and unrelent, gota kill them all, or you are swamped!
  • PGR4 Exclusive – More a mini-game this time, Waves will be unavailable in the Arcade.
  • Niblits – Gotta eat them all!

I haven’t had too much time with this game yet, but it is a great slice of GeoWars, and if you get a chance to look at the leaderboards there are already some crazy scores being registered.


Keeping on the subject of included mini-games, this week when you pick up Valve’s Orange Box; Not only will you receieve the complete Half-Life 2 saga and Team Fortress 2, you will also get the mysteriously original, Portal.

What is Portal?  Is it a Puzzle game?  Is it a platformer? Is it a FPS?  Well, probaly yes to all.  Portal takes place in the Half-Life universe and here is how it is described at the Orange Box website:

Portal™ is a new single player game from Valve. Set in the mysterious Aperture Science Laboratories, Portal has been called one of the most innovative new games on the horizon and will offer gamers hours of unique gameplay.
The game is designed to change the way players approach, manipulate, and surmise the possibilities in a given environment; similar to how Half-Life® 2’s Gravity Gun innovated new ways to leverage an object in any given situation.
Players must solve physical puzzles and challenges by opening portals to maneuvering objects, and themselves, through space.

Portal will be an exciting diversion from the everyday…and another game on the must play list! (oh noes)


Puzzle Quest finally hits XBLA this week!  How can you beat a puzzle game w/ RPG elements?

Mini games with big hearts!  See you on Xbox Live!

-SGTongue out



I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social Media....so here I am!
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One Response to 360 X-Press: Thanksgiving Edition

  1. Aaron says:

    Yeah I suck at Geo Wars …so what, you didnt have to go and throw it in my face like that……..LOL 

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