The Sporto Reporto: PGR Nations



Community and competition form a large part of the success of the Project Gotham Racing® series, and PGR  4 is no exception. One of the challenges of creating PGR  4 was determining how we could really tap into the passion and energy our fans bring to the game. To foster that competitive spirit, we’re introducing the PGR Nations website.

Here on the PGR Nations website, we track that information so that you have timely updates on your nation’s standings. The main page holds the primary international standings. National leaderboards show you how individuals rank within a nation, while the My Stats page will show your individual standings. Regular story updates bring you news and information from the PGR 4 world—some of it written by your fellow PGR racers! All this information and more will be available here at the PGR Nations website, so stay tuned!

The above in an excerpt from the newly launched PGR4 website, PGR Nations.  I am hoping that national grudge matches will be front and centre in this new title.  Go Canada!





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One Response to The Sporto Reporto: PGR Nations

  1. Aaron says:

    Too bad you’ll only be a one man team for Canada thanks to you know who …………..

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