The Sporto Reporto: NHL 08 – Day 1

Welcome to a new feature here at the Haunted House, The Sporto Reporto!  Back in the day sports video games were a mainstay in my gaming lifestyle.  Wheather it was Hardball or various Hockey and Football titles on the Commodore 64, or if was Madden, NHL, or World Series Baseball in the 90’s, sports game and head-to-head competition was where it was at!  After a recent lull the past couple of years sports games are remerging in my gaming spotlight, and here is where you will read about it in my blog.  I hope you will enjoy my regular sporto-slant on gaming.


I previously in this blog declared this NHL 08 the best hockey game of all time from playing the demo version, now with the retail version in my possesion I can say without  doubt that I was correct.  This game plays like a dream with tight AI and a silky-smooth online experience.

When I pluged the game in today I took the team that is geographically the closest to me, the AHL’s Manitoba Moose vs. Scranton.  It was a back-and-forth affair that I lost 4-2 after they potted an empty-netter.  Next I took NHL teams, Flames vs. Blues.  I won by a 4-1 margain.

I managed to squeeze in a couple of online games as well, the important thing about that was how smooth the online experience was.  A significant improvment over ’07.  With the inclussion of leagues and online play, this could be my most played game of the year!

I really could go on and on about NHL 08, about it’s improvements and such, but instead I recomend you play and enjoy this title, and I am sure you will!





I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social here I am!
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  1. Aaron says:

    Hockey Stick ! 

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