Landmark! – 50,000 Hits for the Haunted House!



Not too bad after nearly 2 and a half years of blogging.  Thanks to everyone who has stopped by over that time at checked out my ramblings!  I hope that I have been entertaing and/or informative at times.  It has been a fun (and at times tiring) keeping up with regular posts.  I do try daily updates but sometimes life gets in the way, or there is just nothing on the plate that day.  As long as you keep visiting, I will keep writing! 

What can you expect from the future of the Haunted House?  Expect a lot of Halo, Sports (with the rise of NHL and NFL titles as of late), Mass Effect, GTA IV, and whatever else will be tickeling my fancy.  Remeber its is all 360, all SUPERGHOST, all real time weapons changing!  Thanks again! Not that I have wasted enough space on this, time for more pressing issues!





I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social here I am!
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One Response to Landmark! – 50,000 Hits for the Haunted House!

  1. Adam W says:

     happy 50000 ghost and check my comment on ur sep8th blog see u tonight biaaaatch

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