GWIBT: Mass Effect – Revelation



Guess what I bought today?  I finally got around to picking up the Mass Effect novel, Revelation.  Seeing as Bioware is creating a new sci-fi universe from the ground up, it wouldn’t hurt to get to know what is going on a little in advance, rather than walking in cold.  Also while looking in on Mass Effect’s website I noticed a podcast.  I think I will check that out too.  Mass Effect will release on November 20th, leaving a good buffer between it and Halo 3.  Between these two games, what more sci-fi would you need? (maybe BSG on HD-DVD!)




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3 Responses to GWIBT: Mass Effect – Revelation

  1. Aaron says:

    I would sell my mothers soul to the DEVIL for BSG on HD-DVD right NOW ! 

  2. SCHUEY F1 says:

     The novel is solid and provides a nice intro into the Mas Effect universe. BSG on HD DVD is due in December (season 1)

  3. memnoch444 says:

    Schuey is right man a very solid read.  Makes me itch even more for the release. 

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