Halo Highlight Reel: Marching Forward

With under four weeks remaining to the release of Halo 3 the media on this game and other associated goodies are staring to hit fast and furious.  1up.com has launched 3 Weeks of Halo coverage at their site, if you are chomping at the bit for some fantastic regular coverage, you should check it out.  I have been keeping a low Halo profile as of late, but I do have some new items to share:


I finally got my hands on issue one of Halo: Uprising today.  Once I got home and quickly read it.  Those who are not regular comic book followers are in for a real treat as the creative talents of Alex Maleev and Brian Michael Bendis, two of the industries top talents, have been charged with its creation.  This is not just some quickly thrown together marketing scheme.  The 4 part series is to bridge the last to games together into a tight knit story.  While not excusivaly following the Master Chief, there are other stories to be told and mysteries to be revealed.  A great warm up for Halo 3!


I finaly started plowing my way through Halo 2 this past week.  I made excelent strides and am nearly done the game.  It is funny how small the game seems after grinding through it on easy.  There are some fantastic levels and scenarios in this game, but for sheer intensity and terror, the original Halo takes the cake.  I wonder which way Halo 3 will slant?  H2 should be compleated at some point during the weekend.  On a related note, I need to finish Bioshock before The next wave of pre Halo 3 games come out.

I did up a little personal trailer ‘mash-up’ for Halo 3. Click on the link below to watch:

Not many more sleeps.  Again, drop by and join Halo Chronicles over at B.net!



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2 Responses to Halo Highlight Reel: Marching Forward

  1. Aaron says:

    hurry with that Bioshock im half way through my second time round 

  2. Aaron says:

    Chromehounds ??????????????? 

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