Bioshock: Limited Edition – Part II



On my previous Bioshock post I had yet had the opportunity to play the commercial game release.  Now that I have I have put in several hours, its time to finish off my 2 part Bioshock opening week write up with some news and impressions:

  • Enrapturing – BS sucks you in and doesn’t let go.  This past thursday I had one of my longest play sessions.  It could have gone all night at the rate I was going but I personally just ran out of gas.  The game is totally adictive and even though I am a ways in, I realize there are so many things I have yet to see.  I have just scratched the surface.
  • Calculating – the many ways to dispatch your enemies.  You can really get creative.
  • Fight! – Is not the encounters with the Big Daddies the best one on one combat situations you have ever had in video games?  Very intense…very satisfying!
  • Arts and Crafts – I have signed up for my new, un-broken Big Daddy sculpture, I also look really forward to the art book that will be sent as an appolagy from 2K Games.  Apology accepted!

I really could gush about this game all day, but I would rather just play it.  Remember, look everywhere for hidden goodies!




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2 Responses to Bioshock: Limited Edition – Part II

  1. Adam W says:

    Superghost gonna disappear into rapture

  2. Aaron says:

    one more night of gameplay and it will be ready to be traded in for Stranglehold  

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