Bioshock: Limited Edition – Part I



I was able to pick up my Bioshock Limited Edition box today.  So far this is one of the best packages I have picked up for the 360.  Unfortunatly there was some downs mixed in with the ups.  While I have yet to pug in the game, here is what has struck me thus far:

  • The Box – While not quite the same as pictured above it is beautiful none the less, and chalk full of goodies!
  • The Bad – One broken drill-tip Big Daddy
  • The Good News – 2K will be replacing my Big Daddy, and including a free Bioshock art book!  Details as I get them, but if you are in the same boat, head to this LINK.
  • The Surprise – The Moby remixed Bioshock EP.  I have been really enjoying the 3 songs included!  They get stuck in your head.

I look forward to becoming enRaptured very soon!



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4 Responses to Bioshock: Limited Edition – Part I

  1. Aaron says:

    My, my … what a  very big box u have ! 

  2. SCHUEY F1 says:

    The Bioshock LE is cool and I like the bid daddy figure, but the case itself is a little boring and I would have preferred music from the game rather than remixes, but i imagine they will have a seperate soundtrack.  The game itself is probably the best game I have played all year even only a few hours into it!

  3. I says:

    This is an awesome game!  (I’m currently watching RuFfNeCk play it, lol)

  4. Brad says:

    An amazing game. Review is on the blog. But, i was really satisfied with it, even without multiplayer that i didnt know it wouldnt have until after i popped the game in.

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