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If you own Madden 08 you may want to head over and check out the EA Sports World website.  Newly launched for the upcomming crop of EA Sports titles.  From there one can blog, create an avatat that appears on your game profile, and other things that I havent tapped into yet.  I thought I would drop a blog in there for kicks.  Here it is for your reading pleasure.

Madden 08 – One Week Later

One week into Madden and I am finnaly getting a feel for it.  After nearly 10 years away from Madden football and 2 years form any, it took some adjustments.  I am by no means good, but getting more comfortable.  Tonight I beat up on my brother, XBONK, by about 40 points, it was his first real game and he didn’t do too bad.  Bioshock hits tomorrow so I may drop off the football a little bit, but I will be sure to put in a few games here and there.  I gotta keep working so I can buy my ring!  😉




I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social Media....so here I am!
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  1. Aaron says:

    My Precious………….

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