360 X-Press: The Elite Edition

While trying to do some video game ‘housecleaning’ this week, I have been a little behind on my blog entries.  With the crop of titles coming down the pipe it will be quite the challenge to keep up with this space.  Anyways, I am here now and this is what I need to speak on:



A few months back I wrote on my Elite purchase, unfortunatly it did not pan out…until now.  This past week Dell Canada had a smokin deal on an Elite pre-order.  It was the system w/ Halo 3 for $459 CDN, which is an absolutly huge savings!  I sold off one of my 360’s to help finance my new unit.  It should arrive the week Halo 3 comes out.  Possibly may have a new TV to play it on by then too…stay tuned!

The Darkness

I was finally able to complete The Darkness this weekend.  This was one of my favorite games I played this year.  While it may have did not do any one thing particularly great, the complete package and the adventure it took you one was worth the price of admission.  I had fun and I was always interested what was going to happen next.  Now I am interested to see what Starbreeze will do for an encore.  In the meantime I will play the next-gen Riddick remake due next year.


With much fanfare the Bioshock demo landed on the Marketplace this past week.  And from the reviews that have been surfacing on this one we may possibly have the Game of the Year on our hands.  It is coming out at the perfect time, bridging the gap between summer and Halo.  I had an opportunity to give the demo a whirl today and it was a very stunning experience.  I am almost nervous to see all that this game will have in store for me.  It is a great tim to be a gamer!

Alright that is just about it, but before I go I still have some afterthoughts to share:

  • Madden 08 is out and had gotten some good play around my house.  More on Madden in an upcomming X-Press
  • I picked up Bionicle Heroes for dirt cheap this weekend.  I will save it for a time when I need some gamerscore padding
  • The skate demo will make or break that game for me
  • Finally got my start on my Halo 2 repaly, more on that in the next Halo Highlight Reel
  • I have been itching for some XBLA Doom action latley, won’t somebody join me?

That is all for now, till next time, stay frosty!




I like CFL Football, Video Games, and Social Media....so here I am!
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4 Responses to 360 X-Press: The Elite Edition

  1. Aaron says:

    You just may be DOOMED ! 

  2. SCHUEY F1 says:

    I finished the entire Darkness in a weekend, definitely glad I rented it. It was fun and a good story but it was easy at times and I would have liked the controls to be a bit better. (P.s. fuck Skate!!)

  3. Adam W says:

    nice widescreen blog, i finally finished lost planet

  4. Brad says:

    we’ll have to play Madden sometime. i used to be rather good at 07 but im horrible at 08 now. did torment tell you that he beat the living hell outta me a couple days back? Well he did, and it sucked!

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