Achievement Spotlight: Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End


Collect 100 Souls
Collect one hundred souls from your enemies using the power of the Jackanism sword


This achievement has a couple of interesting meanings.  First it is probably to date one of the highest value achievements I have earned, and secondly it was the most difficult of the achievements to earn in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.  This weekend I was bound and determined to a) finish the game and b) collect all 1000 gamerscore.  I managed to do both.  My advice for anyone who wants to collect all the points for this game is taht once you beat it, see what you missed and use the guides that are on the boards.  There are a few tricks to getting the points, and without the guides you could end up with a lot of frustration.  The above achievement alone took me a few hours.  All in all PotC was a fun little game, but it is nice to get out of the way before the heavy hitters land!



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3 Responses to Achievement Spotlight: Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End

  1. I says:

    Maybe I’ll rent this one…

  2. Book says:

    Try the Dead Rising achievements if you want a ridiculous challenge.  Some of them are mind blowingly frusturating. 

  3. Kevin says:

    Congrats on getting that achievement! 

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