Halo Highlight Reel: Alpha and Omega

It has been a few weeks since I last did a HHR, but there was a surprising lull in my Halo space.  Now with the ramp up to Halo 3 starting to hit its stride there should be lots to discuss leading up to September 25th.  So lets get started!


I finaly finished the Halo novel, Ghosts of Onyx, this week.  This novel was a little bit of a departure from from the first triolgy of books where the Master Chief was the main protagonist in those stories.  In Onyx, we follow the adventures of some old faces from the novels plus some new ones as we learn what the UNSC is doing to stem the Covenant tide of destruction that is on a collision course w/ Earth.  The story runs parallel with the events leading up Halo 3 in the gamespace and only whets your appatite more for the conclussion of this story arc.  I recommend reading this book while you still have time, it will help with the wait.

Still with the novels, I intoduced my wife to the trilogy of books this past month as she was looking for something to read.  While having no prior interest in the game she has been rapidly making her way through each novel and should have them done compleatly withib the next few days.  She now has an interest in the games for now she wants to know what the conclussion of this story will bring.  Welcome a new convert to the Haloverse!


Still with print, we are still all anxiously awaiting the release of the 4 part mini-series from Marvel Comics entitled Halo: Uprising which builds a bridge between the events of Halo 2 and Halo 3.  Issue one is currently scheduled for an August 22nd release and I suspect will be weekly until the launch of the game itself.

With a very busy schedule of gaming in the weeks leading up to Halo 3 I may be hard presssed to complete Halo 2 in time for Halo 3’s launch.  I suspect a heavy rotation of Madden 08 and Halo 2 until BioShock comes out.  I will keep you posted on my Halo 2 adventures as they become available!

The details and excitment are hitting a fever pitch.  Be sure to check out Bungie.net and listen to Bungie’s podcast on a regular basis for the latest.  Also be sure to drop by our Halo group, Halo Chronicles, and join our ranks. Be sure to stay frosty!

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1 Response to Halo Highlight Reel: Alpha and Omega

  1. Aaron says:

    Ok u did a very neat thing in getting ur wife intrested in Halo and im sure that she’ll wanna wacth u play the game to see how the story ends. BUT now u should get 2 copies of the game for some system link co-op with her so she can help FINISH THE FIGHT her self !

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