4 Player Co-op Confirmed for Halo 3!



Who will you be?

The long expected announcment that Halo 3 would have 4 player co-op was made today.  You can read all the details HERE, but all that matters is that for now we have it, and Bungie has again raised the bar.  Still more great announcments to be made on this game, what will be next? Oh, and by the way, are you ready for a TRUE NEXT-GEN GAME?

-SGTongue out



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2 Responses to 4 Player Co-op Confirmed for Halo 3!

  1. Brad says:

    i thought Ghost Recon had 4 player co-op as well? Maybe im mistaken but i think im the only one that isnt blown away by this news. Im ready for it to get here….but Madden and Bioshock will hold me over until then. Im pumped!

  2. Aaron says:

    I dont consider 4 player copp and some new added features a true next gen game …BUT im still just as pumped as BD is for the game :) 

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