Halo Highlight Reel: Bomb Planted…On Co-op?!?



Bomb Planted
Award: Plant a bomb in opponent’s base
Availability: Assault games
Visual Representation: Red inverted triangle with bomb
Difficulty Factor: 6

The interwebs have been a buzz with Halo 3 co-op speculation this week.  First there was elation when it was believed that MS exec and soul brother Jeff Bell pseudo-hinted that there may be four player co-op included in the final version (yay!).  Next a crushing heartbreak when portions of the EGM Halo 3 cover story strongly suggest that co-op player over LIVE would not be in the final version (yikes!).  In order to try and quell the wave of dissapointment, Frank O’Conner of Bungie tried his best to clear the air this weekend and reasure fans as best he could without any major announcements:

"All we confirmed to EGM for their sweet, mind-twitterpating Campaign reveal (and other massive feature reveal) regarding Cooperative Play in Halo 3’s Campaign is that System Link co-op will be included in Halo 3."

While many remain on the edge of their seats (including myself) on the state of online co-op, it is at least good to know that we will be getting system link co-op from day one which is a significant upgrade from previous versions.  I definitly could wait for it to be added later as a download.  In the end we will just have to wait for an announcement to either confirm our worst fear / greatest hope for Halo 3.


Halo games have always had the greatest community participation, with the onset of Halo 3 I wanted to create a new and improved group home where myself and my friends could share Halo links, vids, screenshots, and stories from one central location.  That is where Halo Chronicles comes in.  I welcome all my friends and fellow bloggers to join this group so we can forge a place where good gaming and sportsmanship take the forefront, making Halo 3 a more enjoyable experience for all.  So follow the link above and be part of the group, I check the page regularly so be patient for your aceptance.  Look forward to seeing you there!


Marathon: Durandal was officialy announced for the Xbox Live Arcade.  Marathon was Bungie’s precursor to the Halo series of games and will be a great addition to the XBLA lineup, especially for those who like a little FPS with their casual games.  I will be picking this up when it comes out.  Let me know if you are too as their are Xbox Live co-op and multiplayer modes to enjoy!  To learn more abour Marathon check out Marathon.org

That is all for HHR this week, remember that Halo 3 is just a touch over 2 months away!  …Stay frosty!




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One Response to Halo Highlight Reel: Bomb Planted…On Co-op?!?

  1. Aaron says:

     Maybe Bungie just wants to save something for a surprise, like having coop in there and just not saying anything yet….fingers crossed !

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