Achievement Spotlight: The Darkness



Real guys stick around for their ladies


I have been playing The Darkness the last two nights and you can color me impressed.  I always had faith that this would be a great game as it was developed by Starbreeze (of Chronicals of Riddick: EfBB fame), they really know how to weave story and action together.  I am glad I came to my senses and picked this game up!

You want to get the above achievement?  Make sure when you meet up with your girl Jenny, spend some quality time with her.  Also, be sure to buy this game, if you like your FPS with hefty order of horror on the side, this game will be your bag! (p.s. put the kids to bed before playing this one, there is some pretty dark imagery, violent acts, and scary sounds that are best left for those who are mature enough to handle it.)




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2 Responses to Achievement Spotlight: The Darkness

  1. Aaron says:

    I played the demo i see what u mean 

  2. SCHUEY F1 says:

    I think I’ll rent it instead. 

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