Halo Highlight Reel: The Beta Continues…

Now into my second week of the Halo 3 beta and I think I have turned a corner.  My Team Slayer abilities have improved, I feel more comfortable with the maps, the weapons, and my abilities.  Unfortunatly I find that I need work on my Skermish game types, in particular Territories, if I am on your team look out.

This Week’s Halo Highlight

My friend Loki 343 (aka Mr. Halo or Mrs. Chief) pulled off in his own words ‘Halo 3 Most Amazing Snipe’.  Watch the above imbeded video as he pulls off this one in a million snipe in the new Halo 3 beta.  Loki goes on to describe his acomplishment on the YouTube page:

"I am just amazing, game was a little laggy, but you can’t stop the monstrosity that is my SKILLZORZ. Just kidding, but really did mean to do this."

Loki’s Halo skills are legendary, if you do not believe me just ask him.  In all seriousness, that is a deadly snipe Loki!

With all the buzz surrounding the beta a little milestone was surpased recently as Halo 2 registered its 5,000,000th unique player!  When Bungie rolls out the stats  for Halo 2 they are truly mind-boggling.

That is all for HHR for now, you can expect that I will be plugging away at the beta until its conclussion so we should have more for you later in the week.




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2 Responses to Halo Highlight Reel: The Beta Continues…

  1. Aaron says:


  2. Josh says:

    That was a pretty badass snipe… I gotta admit!

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