Halo Highlight Reel: Halo 3 Beta!


What started out as a normal evening of playing Halo 2 turned into multi hour explosion of Halo 3 goodess!  For those of you who don’t already know (or did not message me last night) I am one of the lucky chosen to take part in the Halo 3 Beta early via the Friends and Family invitation.  From what I understand a pool of 40,000 gamers fitting various criteria  were put into a pool and from there about 10,000 were sent invites through their bungie.net accounts.  For whatever reason I made the cut, but had I not played H2 last night I probably would have missed it.  After my session I went to check my stats and saw their was a new message for me. I thought who the heck would mesage me over b.net?  Low and behold was my invite, and from their I began my Halo 3 adventure.  Backdraft joined me a little later, once he finished giving me his best wishes, he he discovered that he received an invite too. 


Valhalla, the new Coagulation, your new home…

Everybody wants to know about the game.  There is a lot to sayso I am going to run through as many points as I can to impart what I saw and felt with Halo 3:

  • The word I would best describe the way the game feels is heavy, it has a weight to it…meatier.  Yeah I know I am not making much sense but what can I say. 
  • Valhalla, Highground, Snowbound: That is the maps in the order of importance
  • Graphics: While initial not mind blowing, they are awesome in there own right.  I love the ‘lushness’ of Valhalla, the lighting of Highground, and the blood-splattered snow of Snowbound
  • Audio: Rocks! listen for the gunfights off in the distance in Valhalla, and when you die underwater you will know it!
  • Spartan Laser: packs a whallup, but you need several seconds to target
  • Assault rifle: was maybe better off left in Halo
  • A lot of weapon variations including removable turrets, a human version of the Brute shot except more leathal (and heavy)
  • Controlls: You are going to need to get used to them!
  • Record your ENTIRE match, share with your friends!

There really is too much to discuss, fortunatly you won’t have too wait too much longer.  I will be laying of Halo 2 for the balance of the beta.  More to come from the HHR!




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One Response to Halo Highlight Reel: Halo 3 Beta!

  1. Aaron says:

    yeah yeah yeah , just tell  me about Loki crying because he didnt get it early…..

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