360 X-Press: The Super-Duper Edition

I am not sure what happened in the last couple of days but there has been some serious news, downloads, etc. on the 360 and the internet!  Let’s take it from the top:


Condemned 2: Bloodshot has been announced by SEGA this week.  Anyone who played the original Condemned knows how much a sequal was a must.  This is one of my all-time favorite games, and for those who like there survival horror 1st person and fast paced, this is the game to play.  What is of particular interest is the inclusion of a multi-player mode, should give the title some extra legs.  Be afraid, for Condemned 2 may steal all your free time!


A gameplay video of Project Gotham Racing 4 was released this week of rain-racing in St. Petersberg.  So much for the Minor Celebrity ‘Moscow’ prediction as I doubt you will see two Russian cities in the next game.  At the end of the day the game looks to be awesome and I am sure it will be the crown jewel of the franchise.  Want to see for yourself? Click on this LINK to watch this sneak peak of PGR4.


Sticking with cars for a moment, Forza 2 demo finally dropped yesterday and I am quite happy with what I saw.  Smooth frame rate, good looking car models, and aggresive AI make for a hell of a racer!  I will be keeping tabs of my best lap times on my blog here so watch for that as well.


Things will be great when you play Crackdown!  Especially now that the long-awaited DLC has arrived!  There is a lot of new stuff, but instead of reading it here, follow this LINK that has all the details.  Thank you Ozymandias.  I have dabbled in the DLC today and I enjoy what they have done with the new content.  There is actually a lot for me yet to accomplish in this game so I best get to crackin’.  One thing they did do is crank up the ‘orb’ sound.  Finding those last few elusive orbs should be a breeze.

Big update for a big week.  Here are some of my afterthoughts for the week:

  • I know I blogged about it earlier, but I still would like to get my hands on the new DLC for GRAW2.  But it has already been an expensive Microsoft points week already with Gears, Crackdown, and a couple of XBLA titles bought and paid for
  • Pinball FX is a wicked pinball videogame.  If you are a pinball fan, be sure to check this game out
  • Catan players, let me know if you are out there
  • Check back later this weekend for the next Halo Highlight Reel
  • Minor Celbrities coming soon

Until next time, stay frosty!




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One Response to 360 X-Press: The Super-Duper Edition

  1. Yulia says:

    awesome! condemned was the best 360 lauch title and one sweet game, can’t wait for the sequal  ^_^ maybe some multiplayer elements in the next one? hmmmm… 😉

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