PAC-MAN Ferver!

pacman animated

I downloaded the free PAC-MAN animated series episode that is available over the Marketplace right now and all I can say is WTF!  In a nutshell it is pretty horrible, even by 80’s cartoon standards.  It had one redeaming quality and that was my 4 year-old son enjoyed watching it.  I actually find the cutscenes from the original arcade game more entertaining.

Fortunatly PAC-MAN is a great arcade classic first and formost.  Right now you can take part in the PAC-MAN World Championship over Xbox Live.  Also if you want an interesting story about the all-time greatest PAC-MAN player, check out the most recent Major Nelson podcast where he interviews Billy Mitchell, probably the greatest PAC-Player of all time!  Have you played your PAC-MAN today?




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One Response to PAC-MAN Ferver!

  1. Aaron says:

    Pac Man is sooooooooooo 80’s, Im glad you like it. It was a great time of mullets and spiked hair that ill never forget !

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