360 X-Press: The Highlight Reel Edition


First things first this weekend.  In the wake of my final Crackdown episodes where I detailed the last stages of my Agility Orb hunt (which was a lot of fun to do), I started thinking of what I would do next for regular content.  With Halo 2 picking up steam in my house and the upcoming Halo 3 beta and game release I thought that some regular Halo content would be in order.  Keep your eyes open for SUPERGHOST’s Halo Highlight Reel coming this week!  Any thing Halo is open game, weather a partucular match of Halo 2 that gets played, or a co-op Halo adventure, or maybe even a comic book review, some Halo goodness from my perspective will surely follow.  Stay tuned here and friends of SG watch for the re-launch of our new and improved Halo group over at bungie.net.


After many problems in its first 48 hours of release I was finaly able to play the GoW map pack that was made available on Marketplace on Thursday.  All the maps are very beutifull and also offer some interactive elemets that add welcome depth.  My only problem is that after playing so much precision shooting latley with the likes of GRAW 2 and Halo 2, the blast-and-dance of Gears is not cutting the mustard.  Don’t get me wrong, Gears is one of my favorite gaming products of all-time, but as a MP FPS, some of its luster is thinning.

Some afterthoughts on the week that was:

  • While normally not one to pine for a demo, I am still sitting here waiting for some Forza 2 action
  • Halo 3 beta is less than two weeks away!
  • I need to get back to Guitar Hero II.  It is to good to sit on the shelf for too long.
  • Catan needs a good hard look from the Arcade, I will try to get to that this week.

Well that is all thet is on my mind at this second.  Until next time, stay frosty!






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One Response to 360 X-Press: The Highlight Reel Edition

  1. Yulia says:

    the "Bullet Marsh" map alone was worth the 800 ms points, glad that they fixed the problem too. no wonder why there was only 2 gow matchs showing up in the lobby :P take care SG ~ Yulia ~

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