Crackdown: Orb Hunter – Part VII, The Final Chapter


The quest for the 500th Agility Orb is over after many a long hour of searching.  Here is how it went down last night:

I started off the night how most Crackdown nights begin is with a long play session with my son.  After a while it was his bed time so off he went.  I was in Volk and thought I would hop on a vehicle on the freeway and hitch a ride to Shai-Gen as that is where I felt sure the last orb was hiding.  So as the jeep I am riding on enters in to Shai-Gen from Volk I noticed a solitary building on my right-hand side.  I got to thinking if I explored this particular building, It is the Tower 2 Tower 1 building south of ‘The Block’ supply point.  Anyways there was something about it that got my interest, so I started to climb.  I past the first ‘ring’ and continued on to the second…that is when I heard the ‘woo-woo’ sound, an orb was close!  I quickly hopped on the level and there it was, Number 500!  I quickly grabbed my son who was still up and together we grabbed the orb, and then came the achievement, it was done!

This has been one of my most satisfying achievements I have acquired and was fun and frustrating all at the same.  I will chip away at the hidden ones, but I am in no rush.  Maybe I will start an all new adventure and go for the orbs all over again!  Good times!




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One Response to Crackdown: Orb Hunter – Part VII, The Final Chapter

  1. Aaron says:

    The slave labor comes to a end

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