On Returning to Halo 2…


I loved Halo 2…then I hated it.  Three things happened along the way that contributed to my exodus:


  • Cheaters-First started sucking the life out of this game for me a 2-3 months out of the gate.
  • Diks-and boy was there a lot of ’em.  Every race, creed, and color came out with there loud mouths and tea-bagging crotches.  Sucked the life out even more.
  • Infighting-Pass the sword please…not.  It was amazing how fast chums turned to bums.  Funny how this game got our goats and blood boiling. 

I have dabbled briefly in returns before, but they were more like visits with mixed results.  This weekend I decided to put in serious time (for me) in the game.  With the onset of 2 new maps for Halo 2 and the upcomming Halo 3 beta I have got re-interested in all things Master Chief. 

The return was very succesful!  Diks were few and far between, dare I say, non-existent.  I detected no cheating or cheaters and because I was playing with randomites, there were no fights to be had.  Another thing I was actually able to hold my own and even lead at times, it was a good feeling.  I am under no delusions that all problems are gone, but it was nice to be able to enjoy the game once again.  Halo 2 is a great title that holds up extrodinarily in the face of all the great next-gen titles available on the 360.  See you all in the new maps and later in the H3 beta!


On a sad note, as I write this I have found out about the shooting at VT.  Say a prayer for the victims and their families of this tragedy. (Maybe lets also try for victims of violence around the world too) -SG 



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