Crackdown: Orb Hunter – Part III


Agility Orb number 496 has been found!  This one was right in the wide open.  My son was tooling around Shi-Gen in the south part of the island, I looked over from the computer and from where he was standing I noticed a heavenly green glow from on top of the Human Reality Inc. building.  I quickly ran to the top of the building to claim my prize!  Only 4 more to find!

Because there are so many Hidden Orbs yet to find I decided to put up a custom list in my blog with the number found and approximate location of the orb.  Since I started the list I have been on fire locating them!  Keep checking back because you never know when another orb will turn up.  I will keep the list to the last 5 I found or under. 

On a side note, have you ever noticed the changing ad space within the game?  I have noticed an ad for the Mark Whalberg movie, The Shooter, as well as the DVD / HD-DVD release of Smokin’ Aces.  There are some advertising dollars at work in Crackdown.



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  1. Aaron says:

    orbs !

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