Crackdown: Orb Hunter – Part II


Well I did not think I would be reporting back so soon, but tonight I wanted to kill a few minutes before bed so a plugged in Crackdown for a quick runabout, and did it ever pay off.

Within 10 minutes of hangin in Shi-Gen I found three agility orbs and two hidden orbs!  The first agility orb I discovered on top op the ‘curvy’ condos in behind the Pacific City Bank tower in the heart of Shi-Gen territory, also the hidden orb was atop the PCB tower.  Next I found another A-Orb just south of Central Point on top of a medium height skyscraper,  the final A-Orb of the night was sitting on a building adjoining the Paradisio.  I found this cool underground mall in the same area, H-Orb near the bathrooms.  After tonight I have 495/500 Agility Orbs and 230/300 Hidden Orbs.  Those last 5 will be interesting!

On a funny note I had to laugh at the mayhem of the city going on around me.  As my peacekeeper is standing while I am blogging those smashed-up car comes creeping out of the mall street, smoking, honking his horn, doing reverse donuts and running people over.  I have to wonder to myself "how the hell did that happen?"  It was a sight to see.  Back to the orbs!




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4 Responses to Crackdown: Orb Hunter – Part II

  1. Aaron says:

    go easter bunny goooooooooooooooooooo

  2. Aaron says:

    To bad u didnt have a uh MAP !

  3. Kevin says:

    Heh heh heh  I finally started playing this game today and only successfully gained control of three supply points. . .  My next move is to take down the first two guys.   I’m still working on the game mechanics  :p

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