360 X-Press: The XBLA High-Score Challange Edition


The First Lady of Retro…

In the grand tradition of SUPERGHOST’s XBLA High-Score Challange two things have been constant, COKTOE 360’s victories and others lack of participation.  COKTOE once again lit up the scoreboard with a final score of 73,320.  I was hoping for more of a race as Ms. PAC-MAN was in the hands of a lot of my friends, but in the end COKTOE would have won anyways 😉

So after four rounds and the onset of nicer weather I will concluded this leg of the challenge and look again at it once again in the fall.  Perhaps by then I will figure out a way to get more people geared up for some hot arcade action!

Moral of the story is that even with so many great titles arriving every month to the platform, dont forget to have a look back at the arcade, there is lots of good games and good times to be had!


Gimmie Danger…

I really cannot say enough good things about GRAW2.  I know you all may have heard that it is GRAW 1.5 or ‘not a proper sequal’ or some other horseshit excuse not to give this game a 10 but let me tell you and with all fanboyness aside, GRAW 2 rocks!  From its immersive story and incredible graphics to its no holds barred multiplayer and killer co-op, this game is a must have!  I was personnally a huge fan of the original GRAW and GRAW2 gives me everything I wanted and more.  Do yourself a favor, buy both and play, play, play!  Note that in this months OXM they have included the DL pack for GRAW, so enjoy!

And the rest…

  • Been enjoying CRACKDOWN all over again!  Like Pokemon, gotta catch ’em all! (the orbs that is)  Look for the DL content coming soon! (is that a plane I see?)
  • Guitar Hero II.  Tommorow.  Rock on!
  • Between Forza 2, DiRT, PGR4, and Burnout 5, how the hell can I get through all these racers?  Descisions to be made!

I know I am forgetting something, I will remember for next time.  Until then stay frosty!



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3 Responses to 360 X-Press: The XBLA High-Score Challange Edition

  1. Aaron says:

    1. Coketoe360 should be tested preformance enhancing drugs.
    2. GRAW AND GRAW 2 freakin rule (even though I got bumped out twice in a row and missed out on 2 acheivments).
    3. Crackdown……….keep it.
    4. As far as though racers go, thats a hard one but if I had to dump one it would be BO5 (even though I wont).

  2. SCHUEY F1 says:

    Dump Burnout, you have PGR4 for an arcade racer!

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