360 X-Press: Retro 360 Weekend


One year later, Jo-Dark still looking good!

As the weekend is drawing to a close I can look back at the quality gaming I was able to take part in.  The surprising thing wasn’t the new breed of tiles such as Gears, or Viva Pinata that were stealing my time, rather it was a few ‘classic’ titles that caught my attention this weekend:

Perfect Dark Zero:  The much maligned 360 launch shooter came back blazing this weekend.  Loki 343, TBobDole, and myself had a blast stacking up ‘bot corpses over the last couple of days.  While the single player in PD0 lacks something to be desired, the multi-player in this title is a real standout, even in the face of all the new shooters on the system.  Massive maps, great graphics, and a multitude of unique weapons made for a very fresh experience.  What is often overlooked is the fact that even with only a few players, one can make a great multi-player match by populating the board with ‘bots.  So many options and variations in this game, if you have this title packed up, I suggest giving it another look (I even managed a few more achievements).


Geometry Wars Retro Evolved:  The ‘Halo’ of Xbox Live Arcade is still a tremendous experience.  Gamers are still vying for crazy high scores in this game with no end in sight.  I myself even managed to pry an achievement out of this game the other night!  The action in this game is super-crazy and it is still humbling me, but it is always fun to come back for more.  It was nice to take a trip back and reexperience this title.

Halo 2:  One of the best shooters of our time coming to us from the last generation.  I played co-op campaign with my niece this weekend, giving me an opportunity to revisit some old stomping grounds.  With the hype surrounding Halo 3, why not replay some of Halo 2 to get your skills back in order.  It is worth the trip!

It wasn’t all about the ‘old’ this weekend.  Last night we managed a few straight hours of Rainbow Six: Vegas Team Sharpshooter.  This game is so tight it makes me want to play it above all other shooters!  Don’t get me wrong, Gears is still right up there, but there is just something about a good ‘ol Clancy game!  What’s more, we are only a few short months away from GRAW 2!  As I have said before…’The Golden Age’.  Stay Frosty!



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6 Responses to 360 X-Press: Retro 360 Weekend

  1. Adam W says:

    no comment

  2. Aaron says:

    lol…………Joanna Dark still looks good yes , but PDZ is still looking for its identity…………..Oh I found it , its right here in a pile of suck.
    RB6:VEGAS is hot ……………….

  3. Gregory P. says:

    Fantastic fun.  Wish we had more friends that would keep the game and see the fun that can be had! :P
    Really nice to pull out a game like that and have a laugh and a good time, especially when the new ones feel a bit over played due to so many hours of continuous play.
    Yeah, she’s still hot. hehe

  4. Sean R. says:

    RSV is amazing on Live.  It was a lot of fun getting some time in with you guys the other night and I look forward to more when I get my system back. 

  5. Brad says:

    I might be revisiting Kameo here in a bit. It was a great game when i played it but after you finish the campaign its kinda dead. Maybe i’ll hop onto the co-op and get those achievements finally.

  6. Donald says:

    I’ll agree with you on Perfect Dark Zero, everyone bashes it but it is one of the best shooters on Xbox 360, I thought it was better than the other shooter at launch (Call of Duty 2.) Rare isn’t doing the best in sales but the games aren’t bad, people just set expectations to high.

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