New Kameo Deck and UNO Game Type Coming

Starting tomorrow, you can download a new “UNO Kameo Theme Deck” from Xbox Live Arcade, for 100 Microsoft Points.  

The deck includes a new way to play, with a new card that allows gamers to trade their hand with any other player. Jealous of your opponent’s three remaining cards while your hand grows to double-digits? Swap hands and take the best position in the game…   

And here’s a pretty cool feature: only the host needs to have downloaded the Kameo-themed UNO deck in order for all players in the game to play the game and see the visuals. Be among the first to bring this new style of gameplay to the table, or wait for a friend to share it with you! For more information, see the media alert

Source: Gamerscore Blog





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2 Responses to New Kameo Deck and UNO Game Type Coming

  1. I says:

    Very very cool!  I am all over that one!

  2. Aaron says:

    Hey does that include the Vs mode to ……

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