Embaressment of Riches… Part I

I remember earlier this year I was begging for new titles to come out for the 360.  I had played the ones I owned quite thourghly and was craving for new titles.  Fast forward to this fall and we are about to get hit by a mountain of games that look to crush our free time.  So I have been taking a look at my past, present, and future games to look and see what I will be playing.  I may also look at a few dark-horses that might find thee way into my rotation, but for now lets have a look at my 360 and what she will be playing.

Current Library


  • Test Drive Unlimited:  This game has rocked my world to the tune of 53 hrs since I picked it up a few short weeks ago!  It’s addictive driving-life sim that always gives you a reason to come back for more.  I expect out of all the games I own at this time that TDU will continue to receive heavy play in the face of the new wave of games.
  • NHL 07:  Great next-gen hockey title!  This game doesn’t need heavy rotation, yet will see plenty of play throughout the winter months.  For those times I wanna hook up with my brothers or just want a change of pace, NHL 07 will be a great way to clense my pallet.
  • CHROMEHOUNDS:  With the arrival of TDU, ‘HOUNDS has found its way onto the backburner.  Fortunatly I can say that I did get my money out of this game this summer and who knows, maybe I will take my ‘HOUNDS out again for a stomp once in a while for old times sake; but for all intents and purpose, CH is destined for the shelf.
  • Call of Duty 2:  With a sequal just weeks away, CoD2’s best days are certanly behind it.  My advice for all is don’t just let this game slip out the door.  Hang on to it as it is a game that everyone has, is fun, quick to pick up, and easy to play with tons of maps available.  CoD3 looks incredible, but for a simpler experience, 2 might fit the bill on the right night
  • Dead Rising:  Got good play, but can I come back for more?  Another possible long-term project.

The Rest:


  • Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter:  A great game that has reasserted itself as of late.  It probably won’t stand up for long in the face of the new FPS’s hitting the market, but GR is GR so keep this game close.  We may need still to pull it out from time to time.
  • Rockstar Table Tennis:  The forgotten one, I literally forget I still have it.  Needs to be played…
  • Oblivion:  Surely a multi-year project as I originally predicted for myself.  I just want to be able to play it from time to time as to not forget where I am in my adventure.
  • PGR3:  Will Forza render this game obsolite?
  • Kameo:  Just spent 600mp on it last night, I better play it.
The Dark-Horse:
  • Condemned:  With Halloween approaching, I would love to scare myself with this game one more time.

While I have more games in my library, these are the ones at the top of my list.  Now with what is above alone I have more that enough to keep myself busy, but that is nothing to what is coming. Stay tuned for part II when I explore the NEW games coming my way.




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5 Responses to Embaressment of Riches… Part I

  1. Eric says:

    TDU is so cool.. and will be even cooler when the 360 wheel comes out. I think I’ll spend my life with the wheel and TDU driving about. I can’t wait.

  2. Aaron says:

    KAMEO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I says:

    I am so not looking forward to November…no wait, ok I’m looking forward to November’s plethera of games, my wallet is not…there, that works.  :)

  4. Brad says:

    Yeah so Ghost…..help a poor kid out, send him a game or 2. :D

  5. memnoch444 says:

    Thanks for reminding me about Table Tennis!  I’ve gotta get some TT play time before November.

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