Phantasy Star Universe: Races – Beast **Update**

**Update** – Major news from the PSU 360 front.  The US Phantasy Star Universe homepage had unveiled that an open beta will be available on October 11th or 12th via Xbox Live Marketplace and will end one week later.  The following week (Obtober 24th) will see the release of PSU on the 360 at the same time as on the other systems.  While last time I posted I predicted a 2007 release for the 360, but apparently I was way off.  Another thing to take note of; To play PSU online, you will need to pay $9.99 USD each month to take part in the action.  Silver XBL accounts will be able to access the online portion as well.  A lot to absorb in such a short time, get ready to DL later this week!


The Gurhal System is inhabited by five primary lifeforms: Humans, Newmen, Beasts, Casts, and Seed. The Humans were responsible for creating the Newman, Beast, and Cast races. SEED acts as an antagonistic force in the game.


Casts were originally made to help to Humans and are currently controlled by the Parum-based Governing Committee. This race has lower psychic abilities when compared with the other races. As a result, they are not very skilled with techniques. However, Casts make up for this deficiency with high accuracy and skill with guns. They also have the ability to use gigantic "SUV-Weapons". Casts mainly live on Parum.

Casts were initially created to be used exclusively by Humans. That plan had to be altered after human rights issues arose when thought-possessing Casts were created. At the end of the Casts battle for independence, an organization was created to control the Cast race.

After this organization was established, a period of peace was soon arose. Such a period had not been seen since the Humans divided the land into several nations. However, at the height of the battle of independence, Humans statesmen talked about "the dangers of being controlled by the machines". Ironically, the opposite happened and Governing Committee (who is Human-based) was welcomed by the large majority of the people who desired peace.




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4 Responses to Phantasy Star Universe: Races – Beast **Update**

  1. Debbie says:

    I need more time to game when all these incredible titles come out![]sAngel

  2. SCHUEY F1 says:

    I’m concerned if I will play it enough to make it worth 10 bucks a month will all the other great titles coming out.

  3. Robert says:

    Wewt! PSO Beta is now available for download!!

  4. Adam W says:

    PSU is gonna be on the back burner until all these other games get played out, especially with that 10 dolla a month crap

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