Achievment of the Week: NHL 07 **Extended GRAW Edition**


Victory in Superstar Mode
Win a game in Superstar mode vs. the CPU


Two things.  I have broken my pact against EA and actually purchased one of their games (I am still mad I can’t play 2K Football because of Madden) and theat game being NHL 07.  I skipped out on purchasing a hockey game last year partly because of the time of launch of the 360 (mid November) plus all of the games I was commited to buying at launch.  Secondly I switched my hockey franchise over to EA from 2K because my brother Schuey F1 purchased it and also because the graphics are so awesome!  EA has also changed up hockey control for the first time in what seems like forever, after a few games it feels comforable and offers the gamer a new way to play. 

What is also significant is that this achievment (tied with Score a goal in Superstar Mode Gamerscore=25) is that my Gamerscore is now at 10,000!!!  A little milestone that I have been working on for a long time (nearly 11 months). I don’t consider myself a GamerscoreWhore, I would probably be the next level below that.  I have enjoyed the achievment system since it arrived on the 360 last November.  It has pushed me to play games in diffrent ways that I don’t think I would have otherwise.  A perfect example is Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter; I don’t think I would have attempted the Hard skill level without it, and if you have not played GRAW on Hard, you haven’t really played it.  Stratagy goes to a whole no level.


And speaking of GRAW, I dont know how I missed this, but there are several new achievments to be had to finnaly round up the game to 1000 points.  Here is a quick breakdown of what is new:

  • Explorer (Multiplayer): Win 5 Team or Solo matches on each original MP map with at least 5 different gamertags in the room. GS=20
  • Victor (Multiplayer): Win a public player match in all original game types with at least 5 different gamertags in the room. GS=10
  • Team Player (Multiplayer): Win 30 co-op matches with at least 6 gamertags in the room.  GS=15
  • Assassin (Multiplayer): Find and kill an opponent who has the Assassin Achievement.  GS=15
  • Crack Shot (Multiplayer): Kill 10 players with gunshots and at least 5 gamertags in the room without reloading or dying.  GS=15

While we souldn’t need it, here are some cool new reasons to break out this great game again! 






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3 Responses to Achievment of the Week: NHL 07 **Extended GRAW Edition**

  1. Adam W says:

    team player acheivement is unattainable due to the fact that only 5 people can play coop without the game dropping someone. (unless youhave an unbelievably fast internet connection

  2. Robert says:

    Wow… I have not played G.R.A.W. since the end of July! I should really get my game on and start playing with you guys more frequently (seeing as I have not played with you on CoD in almost a month). Anyways, I heard that there is a patch coming out for GRAW (or is it already out?), and the achievements listed in your entry will not be attainable until the patch is released. They just added them to the list in preparation…We are in the 10K club (finally),Haloaded

  3. Aaron says:

    GRAW was fun but bring on VEGAS

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