Halo World: The Fight to Finish Edition


For several weeks now I have jonesing to start a regular series on Halo as a lead in to the buildup of the inevitable blockbuster that is Halo 3.  A funny thing happened on the way to this entry; there has now been some monumental announcments just last week at X06 in Barcelona in regards to the Halo universe.  Check this out:

  • Halo Wars – From out of nowhere Halo is going back to it’s RTS (Real-Time Strategy) roots with an all new game entitled Halo Wars.  HW takes place before the events of Halo 1 and if the trailer has any representation of how good the game will be, we are in for one awesome game.  Created by Ensemble Studios, the makers of the Age of Empires RTS series, exclusivly for the 360; this game should turn a lot more people onto the RTS genre.  I am looking forward to this title because he more insight I can get into the Halo universe, the happier I am!
  • Peter Jackson Partners w/ Bungie to Create an All-New Halo Game – It is not Halo 3, it is not Halo 4, it is not Halo Wars, it is an all-new original title in the Halo universe, spearheaded by Peter Jackson’s new game development studio, WETA Interactive (name yet to be confirmed) in partnership with the flagship developer, Bungie.  PJ says he wants to develop story-driven titles that are interactive and accesable.  Very interested to see what he has in mind with his take on the Haloverse.


Halo Wars

That right there is a lot to digest!  We have not even touched on the the big-daddy game Halo 3 due out next year.  From what I have been hearing and reading that the development is going great, we do know H3 is due in 2007, I suspect another November to remember.

It is good to finally get one of these entries under my belt.  Next time I will be looking at the literary side of the Haloverse as well as a peak into the Bungie podcast scene.  Until then, stay frosty!




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2 Responses to Halo World: The Fight to Finish Edition

  1. Sean R. says:

    The trailer for Halo Wars was definately very cool. Can’t wait to see what Peter Jackson comes up with.

  2. Yulia says:

    Halo is amazing. halo wars is even better!

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