Achievment of the Week: Featuring CHROMEHOUNDS


Nation Resurrector
Successfully revive affiliated nation


CHROMEHOUNDS is one of those games that takes a simple combat scheme like mech vs. mech, then expands on it greatly by being able to design your own ‘HOUND, aquire ‘rare’ components, level up ala RPG’s, and take part in a persistant war where every battle matters.  Essential CHROMEHOUNDS is an online RPG where your ‘HOUND is your character or role.  This game reminds me in a sense of Phantasy Star Online where on the surface it appears to be a simple concept, yet underneath there is layer upon layer of depth.  Even if the battles on screen (especially vs. CPU) seem to be routine, there is always something to strive for, and that is this games greatest strength and what keeps people coming back for more, like I am.




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