Looking Back at Spliter Cell: Chaos Theory


Here is a conundrum.  I have so many great 360 games to play, now especially single player adventures such as Oblivion, Tomb Raider, Prey (almost done), and Dead Rising (next week).  But what I realy want to play through again is Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory!  I am a huge fan of the Splinter Cell franchise, I am even reading through the novels.  Double Agent will be arriving this October so I have a little more time to try and squeeze it in.

SC:CT, much like Halo 2, is such a standout game from the Xbox Classic.  Awesome graphics and gameplay, but whats more is the incredible multiplayer as well as 6 coop missions to play through!  I have had a love/hate relationship with the versus multiplayer though.  I love how incredible the game is in multiplayer.  Probably the most unique MP game on any system.  But for me that is where the problem is.  The maps, missions, and objectives are so complex that it took a certain level of dedication that I could not commit to a single game.  Too hard to just ‘pick up and play’.  In saying that I still can’t say enough of its greatness, just too great for me.  Double Agent is supposed to be a bit more approachable, I hope they find a balance between complexity and playability.

Here is hoping I can sneak SC:CT in for one more play-through!




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One Response to Looking Back at Spliter Cell: Chaos Theory

  1. Josh says:

    Can’t wait for Double Agent!!!

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