PGR3: Publish Your Own Screenshots!


Cruising The Strip in Las Vegas…

There is a new update from Xbox Live for Project Gotham Racing 3 that allows you to publish picture from the Photo Mode on the internet where they can easily be snagned for ones personal use!  I tested it myself and it works like a charm.  Wanna learn how?  Just click on this link on this LINK and get snapping!  Here are a couple of pics I took back in the day.  PGR3 is a great looking game, just check out these shots.  I would like to see some other people post up some PGR3 screenshots of their own as well.  I also can say without a shadow of a doubt that this feature will be implimented into Forza 2, so your slick car designs can be posted on your blog or website for the world to see!  Micrsoft Studios and Xbox Live score another coup!


…Bridge Racing in New York City




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6 Responses to PGR3: Publish Your Own Screenshots!

  1. Joe says:

    some good photos. I need to give it a try. I am a big pgr3 fan, just havenot played it in awhile and want to. maybe this weekend. I still need the cat&mouse achievements.

  2. Kevin says:

    Oooooh. Sexy.

  3. Kevin says:

    I just might have to try this to see what I can do.   :p

  4. Adam W says:

    blah blah blah late as usual i published pgr photos months ago on my blog the old fashioned way

  5. Patrick says:

    Yeah, those pics are as crappy as your driving skills 😉 lol

  6. Aaron says:

    looking foward to messing with this …cat and mouse screens ..woo hoo

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