The ‘Roadie Run’ to Gears of War #4: Tim Dean Interview



UPDATE 3/8/06: Microsoft® today announced what anxious players have been eagerly awaiting: Emergence Day 2006. Available exclusively for the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, the highly anticipated title Gears of War® will be available in North America on November 12, 2006

Certanly good news on that note!  Now we can begin our coundown to Emergence Day!  Now here is an interview with Tim Dean, the publishing Art Director for Gears of War:

What’s your role in the creation of Gears of War?

I’m the publishing Art Director for Gears of War.  On the publisher side, I’m responsible for being an expert on the artwork in Gears, and doing whatever I can to help the team deliver a beautiful game.

What’s a typical work day like working on games?

The great thing about working on games is that very few days are typical. In a given day, I could be in meetings all day dealing with high-level issues surrounding the game, or I could be working with a top special-effects house on E3 trailers. The best part of it all is just working with talented and passionate people to create something other people will enjoy.


Our Gang

Tell us a little bit about your background and education. Did you go into school with this in mind?

I’ve been in the game industry for nearly 12 years. After I finished school I wanted to work in the film industry, so I took my first job in the game industry in San Rafael with a well-known special-effects company located there. But once I started making games I never looked back. And now we have the ability to make games that look as good if not better than some movies.

For the first 10 of those years I was on the production side of things. I worked on everything from Star Trek to Lord of the Rings, from racing games to snowboarding games. I first worked with Microsoft on Blood Wake® for the Xbox®. A couple years ago I joined Microsoft to gain exposure to the publishing side of the business.

How did you manage to get to work on Gears of War?

I was hired into Studio Zr to fill the role of a technical art director with production experience. Gears was a good fit, so I guess I was lucky. Just in the right place at the right time. What are you most proud of in Gears of War?

It’s been really fulfilling to work with such a creative and talented team. I guess I’m most proud of the great working relationship I have with Epic. We’ve had some great collaboration on this project. I’ve been able to help out on a lot of the marketing materials for the game. Working closely with Epic, we’ve created some outstanding pieces, from the Destroyed Beauty art book we gave away at last year’s E3 to all of the trailers and videos. We’ve treated the game more like a blockbuster movie than a typical game.

Also new is the availability of a download from Epic/Microsoft is an official Fan Site Kit for Gears of War.  You can get yours by clicking HERE.





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