360 X-Press #21: The Mid-Summer Edition


The Summer of Xbox Live Arcade is in full effect as a write this.  A few weeks back Microsoft announced Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays as a way for Xbox owners to plans on game releases as well as to promote the Live Arcade experience.  Xbox also invited gamers to have there own Arcade Party buy giving away Pizza and points to promote the new and improved Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday.

Gamers can expect a lot of great downloadable games between now and years end, approximatly one a week bringing the amount of titles available over XBLA to 50+!  Here is a short list of titles that I for one am looking forward too in the following months:

Xbox Live Arcade has turned into a real boon for gamers, this fall we will reap the rewards!  Start saving your points!



Surrounded by Zombies in Dead Rising

What else have I been up to latley?  Playing some great new games!  Here are some observations and experiences as of late:

  • Prey is quickly turning into a must have FPS.  I have been chipping away at it since its release a few weeks back and have been really enjoying it!  It is a fantastic meld of Native American mysticism and sci-fi wonder.  The multiplayer is stantard fair except for the inclusion of crazy gravity effects and the use of portals.  I recommend you pick this up and play it before this fall’s onslaught of games
  • Downloadesd the Ninety-Nine Nights (N3) demo of the Marketplace this week and was pleastly surprised!  This hack-and-slash is very pretty and combines rpg elements and upgrades into the mix with a compelling story.  While I may not buy at launch, N3 will make its way into mu collection someday.
  • CHROMEHOUNDS has been overall an enjoyable experience.  While I wish that the Neroimus war offered a bit more variety in its co-op mode.  I will likley fight on and off in the war for the remainder of the summer.
  • Picked up a cheaper copy of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Legend a couple of weeks back.  Classic TR is back in the next-generation!
  • Frogger has proven to be a lot of fun in the Arcade space.
  • Dead Rising.  One more week.


Laura is back!!!

That’s it for this edition!  I look forward to offering some Dead Rising impressions in my next edition.  SUPERGHOST out and stay frosty!




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2 Responses to 360 X-Press #21: The Mid-Summer Edition

  1. Joe says:

    Nice update. I am looking forward to SF2 this week and lumines and Texas holdem whenever they get released.I already own prey and worked through the single player. I am not a great online FPS, so I still have a lot ot accomplish there.Other then that i spent the last week playing through my rental copy of NCaa 07.

  2. Aaron says:

    screw all of it it bring on GOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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