Phantasy Star Universe: Races – Newman



The Gurhal System is inhabited by five primary lifeforms: Humans, Newmen, Beasts, Casts, and Seed. The Humans were responsible for creating the Newman, Beast, and Cast races. SEED acts as an antagonistic force in the game.


Newmen are the product of an effort to create a Human-based super race. They are stronger with mental abilities, but have inferior physical strength. Since Newmen are superior psychologically, they are skilled with techniques. Due to their physical weakness, Newmen lack close-combat skills. This race mainly lives on Neudaiz.

Newmen were created after Humans tried to make a super race based on themselves. Eventually the Humans succeeded in making Newmen’s reaction time, thoughts, and memory process superior. To keep things balanced, their strength was reduced to be lower than the average human. Newmen have been oppressed because of the mental inferiority/physical superiority complex that Humans hold. Eventually, Humans made Neudaiz the home for both planets and both sides agreed to a nonagression treaty.
Generally, Newmen are very good at working with other people. However, they tend to be a very exclusive race. As a result of their heightened mental abilities, Newmans are able to read other people’s feelings better than Humans. As such, they have a tendency to avoid contact with strangers whenever it is possible.

Source:  PSO-World




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