DOA Xtreme 2: Xtreme Swimsuits

Tina New1


Here is just one example of the new swimsuits available in the new DOA Xtreme 2 game from Team Ninja and Tecmo.  I could say more but this is a family blog 😉




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7 Responses to DOA Xtreme 2: Xtreme Swimsuits

  1. I says:

    Holy crap!  Talk about needing to "Nair" your entire body…sheesh.  lol

  2. Adam W says:

    i’ll say more,%$^$##%$@#$^%&@#$%!@##!%$#^$^ and thats all i have to say about that

  3. Yulia says:

    :P Lolz

  4. Brad says:

    that piece of string she calls a bathing suit probably costed about $90.

  5. Sean R. says:

    This game is for pervs.
    where do we line up?  :) 

  6. ray says:

    f*_@# men so hot i want to play this game

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