SG’s Most Wanted #6: Dead Rising


Dead Rising

SG’s is Highly Anticipating: Dead Rising

When will I have it:  Right away!  August 8th, 2006 is the scheduled  release date.

Why am I excited about this title:  As much as we gamers love our multi-player mayhem, sometimes you just need a good single player game to sink your teeth into (pun intended).  Everybody loves a Zombie movie, now I can play in one!  This game looks tremendoes with so many ways to play tjis game and kill zombies, you will be busy fo a long time!

Why YOU will be excited:  Multiple paths, multiple endings, countless weaponry, coutless zombies, and coutless ways to dispatch them!  Will you save people or will you leave them for zombie food, it is up to you!

How can I learn more:  Dead Rising homepage, or just check with previews at IGN or TeamXbox.  I have also updated my 360 Spotlight album and GhosTV with new DR content.  If the video above doesn’t get you interested…



…one of Dead Rising’s residents




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7 Responses to SG’s Most Wanted #6: Dead Rising

  1. Kevin says:

    Now if I only could scrap together some money so I can get it!  Then again, I have a long list of games I want to get but haven’t been able to yet. . . .  Dead Rising does look like it’s going to be good though.

  2. Adam W says:

    i cant wait to smash zombies with a gumball machine

  3. Aaron says:

    even though im buying this im still not sold on it ….i just need something to get me past the plastic wraper….

  4. Your Mom is Hot says:

    Where is Tbob’s picture on your friend list???? hmmmm?

  5. I says:

    This one may end up on my backburner for a while or I may just rent it.  It is looking good though…

  6. Sean R. says:

    This game is going to be great.  I cannot wait to stomp some Zombie ass.

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