360 X-Press #20: The Co-op Edition

With the heat of summer in full effect, and the heat of new games hot off the presses (CHROMEHOUNDS, Prey, Frogger) it has been a little lean for content here at the Haunted House.  I have just arrived back home from a mini-vacation a little tired, a little hung-over, but nevertheless ready to bring you my little chunk of insight from the world of 360.


"It’s good to play together!" was Xbox Live’s mantra from a couple of years back, and it is true, there is nothing better than getting together with your friends and playing great games over XBL.  But when it comes down to it a like playing WITH my friends as a team rather than competing tooth-and- nail against them.  So this week I thought I would have a look at the past, present and, future of Co-op games for the 360 and what I have enjoyed and what I am looking most forward too:



Perfect Dark Zero

Joanna Dark always likes to bring a friend, and so will you!  While there have been several complaints levied against this titles single player storyline, but when you bring a partner those problems are easier to overlook.  PD0 becomes a greater experience when you invite a friend over live and take on the game.  The entire story mode is available for co-op so grab a friend and dig in.



Kameo: Elements of Power

From our better late than never catagory, Kameo‘s Co-op play came in the form of a downloadable patch.  While you cannot play the entire adventure in this mode, you can take on what I call the ‘Boss Worlds’.  It takes probaly a little better tha 2 hours to complete, but it is compleatly worth it!



Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

The best co-op experience on XBL today!  There are so many ways to play co-op, with up to 16 players, missions, etc… there is something here for everybody.  If you have played it already, you know what I am talking about, if not, get out there and pick up GRAW!




From Xbox Live Arcade comes Joust, while simple in appearence, this ga,e becomes a real challange in co-op mode.  Trying to slay the beast while staying out of your partners way is a lot of fun.  only 400 points to download this gaming clasic.



Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Appearing late in the Original Xbox life cycle, SCCT holds up very well in the next-gen space.  With 6 full-blown and unique coop mission featuring team moves, objectives, and communications, SCCT is a standout experience in any generation with one of the best co-op experiences to boot.



Gears of War

Gears, like PD0, will offer co-op play throughout the single player campaign.  What is different is that the partner can enter or leave and any point with the AI taking over.  This years MUST HAVE title!



Rainbow Six: Vegas

We already know what Tom Clancy titles can do!  Vegas will have all levels available for co-op with up to 4-players!  I am as excited about this title as any other!



Phantasy Star Universe

The ultimate co-op adventure, PSU will take over with its addictive style of gameplay!  We may never need another game again!

What games have I missed?  Let meknow what other games you enjoy that are co-op.  For now that is all, I hoped that this artcle may give gamers some food for thought as there is more to online play than shooting people in the back.  Have fun and stay frosty!




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7 Responses to 360 X-Press #20: The Co-op Edition

  1. Aaron says:

    why even mention PDZ its terrible as a single player , multi and coop

  2. SCHUEY F1 says:

    Chance of me buying Perfect Dark (again): Zero!!!!!

  3. Sean R. says:

    I love the GRAW co-op.  One game you didn’t mention is The Outfit.  The co-op in this game is a ton of fun. 

  4. Adam W says:

    Perfect Dark is the most boring coop game ever.

  5. Joe says:

    Great update. I need to play more co-op. I still have to do teh GRAW co-op achievements, but never seem to get around to them. I did check out frogger on CBLive, but found it quite laggy.

  6. Kevin says:

    I’m just doing my best to play the games I already have!  :p  Though I really would like to get Chromehounds. . .  Kinda sad really, since I have yet to make an appearance on LIVE for any kind of multiplayer fun.  Okay, I showed up twice to play some Uno – but I don’t get much time to devote to extended bouts of fun. . .   :p

  7. Aaron says:

    Chrome Hounds is coop

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